About us

It’s About Time

Welcome to Fast Times magazine, dedicated to motorcycles and the lifestyle they foster. It’s not your dad’s bathroom rag, or the typical buyers’ guide you find on newsstands monthly. It’s youthful, entertaining, and filled with content created by riders passionate about bikes and heavily ingrained in different scenes across Canada. And it’s the first publication of its kind to showcase the growing scenes and culture that make up the motorcycle community here at home. 


Rolling Out The Goods

The pages of Fast Times magazine will be filled with scene checkouts from across Canada – highlighting the unique aspects of different regions and the riders that reside in them, as well as, road trip features - because there’s never a dull moment when a crew hits the open road.

And whether you prefer trips where you’re camping out or crashing on floors, we have recruited a renowned, bike-loving Canadian chief, to share his culinary wizardry for cooking meals on the road.

Additionally, an entertaining byproduct of travel is the hilarious and helpful cautionary tales that come from experience - whether it’s highways to avoid, or small towns you may not leave unscathed, these pieces are sure to grab your attention.

It’s undeniable that we’re all curious about what other people are up to or what bike they’re riding, so Fast Times will include a variety of profiles from riders and their bikes, to feature-length custom builds and builder profiles.

We’re also excited to bring a touch of Canadiana to the magazine through a look at different aspects of the history of motorcycles in Canada.

Plus, you’ll find DIY fixes and helpful How-to’s that will teach you how to keep your bikes running until they reach a garage.

And some obvious musts will include showcasing the latest gear and stunning photography.

It doesn’t stop there. While the print magazine hits newsstands three times a year, Fast Times will keep the content rolling out daily on fasttimesmag.com. Set to become Canada’s number one online source for motorcycle event coverage, product showcases, rider profiles, exclusive content, videos, extended features, and the latest news and happenings.